Rug Cleaning


Hoyle's Carpet Cleaners offer specialist off-site rug cleaning each rug is cleaned by hand at our dedicated facility. We clean PERSIAN, CHINESE, INDIAN, AFGHAN, even antique and hand knotted rugs. If you have the modern look WOOL or SYNTHETIC RUGS, that's not a problem we can also clean these.

Each rug is cleaned individually with special care and attention. Thorough cleaning and rapid drying in our climate controlled drying area is an essential part of our process.

Before any cleaning is carried out each rug is inspected to identify fibre type, weave construction, colour instability, bad odour problems or excessive wear areas. 


Your rug is thoroughly vacuumed front and back whilst the pile is agitated to loosen embedded soils and grit which can cause premature wear on the pre-inspection fibre.  Following this procedure, any spots or stains are pretreated prior to cleaning. On completion of the cleaning process, we rinse the carpet fibers to remove any cleaning residue and restore its natural feel and beauty. If your rug has fringes these are cleaned by hand, take a look at our amazing results. Your rug is then brushed with special grooming tools to restore the nap. We will not hesitate to repeat any steps that we feel necessary to give you the best possible results.the

Rapid drying techniques are then carried out in our climate controlled drying area.


PLEASE NOTE: Discolouration due to wear, fading and permanent staining are not reversible.

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